Movie and TV Reviews

*Movie and TV Reviews have been suspended on The Starving Artist, as of March, 2014. Occasionally, I will add to this list with a quick word about a movie, a few recommendations for a holiday (to compliment the reading suggestions), or a book-related movie, but for the most part The Starving Artist is (once again) honing its purposes back to writing, publishing, and reading.*

It is true, this is a literary and writer’s blog. However, I found myself wanting to catalog my impressions of movies while I was at it (blogging), so I began lumping the reviews into my month recaps and my holiday posts. Eventually, I realized that I needed a way to be able to find them in the future, so the Movie and TV Review page emerged. If you’re interested, just click on the links below. Warning: I am no expert, but there are some interesting movies here, great connections to holidays, and even a significant amount of book-related movies. (Music reviews can also be found, below.) Another note: My movie and music reviews are far shorter and less extensive than my book reviews.

Music and the Random Books:


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