My Books

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Devon spent eleven years writing and brainstorming novels, in her “free” time from mothering, selling arts and crafts, and up to her forehead in in laundry, dishes, bills, and hobbies. Now, with her son off to school and her husband graduated and nursing, the waiting and watching are paying off. Devon’s long-term plans include working on the fourteen novels and book series that are already in her head (yes, they absolutely are already there), one at a time, until more have joined them. Here is the list of accomplishments (in bold) and plans:

  • “5.8,” short story, complete 2013, published in Scrutiny Journal in 2014
  • Benevolent, magic realism novel in Storykeeper Tales unconventional series, published 2013
  • “Trecora,” short story for Storykeeper Tales, complete 2014
  • The Touch, serial novel on Wattpad, published each Monday starting 2014
  • The Night of One Hundred Thieves, fantasy novel in Storykeeper Tales,  published 2015
  • The Journey of Clement Fancywater, fantasy novel, in process, expected 2016
  • The Family Elephant’s Jewels, general fiction, in process, expected 2016
  • Cuddlefish and Smellephant, children’s picture books
  • Top Secret series of children’s books
  • Seasons, middle grades girls series
  • Spin, fantasy trilogy (Spin, Spinning, Spun)
  • Storykeeper Tales continued, to make five total
  • Laughing All the Way, Christmas novel
  • Little Oddities, buy-out novel
  • The Marvelous Life of Mary McG, science fiction time-travel novel
  • 98 Pounds of Furious D, memoir
  • The Menagerie, middle grades fantasy series containing nine books
  • Sensory superhero novel with no title yet, YA
  • Frame 352, general fiction novel
  • Domestic Coupling, magical realism novel
  • Seller of Purple, poetry collection
  • Gray, science fiction series
  • The Pollen Season, general fiction novel
  • Thermopylae, epic novel
  • Ten Million and Counting, general fiction novel
  • Book of plays and short stories including “Petra” and “Black Sponge”
  • Arranged, general fiction novel
  • The Club, general fiction novel
  • Cora, generational novel
  • Bathsheba, fantasy epic
  • The Tithe, post-apocalyptic fiction
  • The Last Book, general fiction novel, written when I finally decide I might retire

*Not including participation with reprints, nonfiction, cookbooks, coffee table books, concept books, a possible graphic novel, and compilations.

Otherwise, you’ll just be left in suspense.