The Writing Life

My blogs about the writing life, at least the way I see it.

From The Starving Artist:

other places around the internet:

  • On Juniper Grove (“Featured Author: Devon Trevarrow Flaherty,” including an interview where I talk about, among other things, the need for a writing community and first readers)
  • On Pen & Muse (“Guest Post and Interview with author, Devon Flaherty,” including a guest post on seizing the publication day and an interview on general writing things and writing process)
  • On Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors, a blog by K. M. Weiland (11 Ways Stay-At-Home Moms (and Other Busy Folks) Can Find Time to Write; pretty much just what it sounds like, and had particularly good reception)
  • On JLB Creatives (“Meet the Author: Devon Flaherty” with an interview about writing, the writing life, and why–for the love of Pete–self-pub authors should hire editors)
  • On Catherine, Caffeinated with Catherine Ryan Howard (“I Self-Published: What Next?” about–surprise–what happens after the publication, otherwise known as the post-pub blues)
  • On The Undercover Soundtrack with Roz Morris (“The Undercover Soundtrack–Devon Flaherty” about writing and listening to music and how the two forever shall meet)
  • On Tina’s Book Blog (“The Saturday Spotlight with Devon Trevarrow Flaherty and Giveaway of Benevolent” about reviving a dying novel and fighting for a book)
  • On Books with Tien (“Interview and Review: Benevolent by Devon Flaherty” about writing Benevolent, my work space, writer’s block, and the next big thing)
  • On Rachel Carerra, Novelist (“Author Interview–Devon Trevarrow Flaherty.” Fairy extensive interview, full of with and charm.)
  • On Sandra Danby (“How I Write Flash Fiction,” as the person who passes the blog tour to me)
  • On Jacke Wilson (“From the Starving Artist to Jacke Wilson,” as the next person to take up the baton on the My Writing Process Blog Tour)
  • On Jacke Wison (“The Wisdom of John Lennon” on Jacke’s writing process as part of the blog tour)
  • On GhoztWriter (“My Writing Process Blog Tour” on Juan’s writing process as part of the blog tour)

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