Concerning Literary

Blogs I have written on the more bookish subjects, like literary criticism, grammar, and story construction, etc.

  • Hero Tales (on a conversation I had with my four-year-old about superheroes and then a researched discussion of hero types)
  • Weird for Weird’s Sake (about defining art based on its strangeness… or not)
  • POV and Other Narrative Modes (a primer on point of view, voice, etc.; why present tense might not work)
  • Era of the Villain (we are living in the era of the entirely sympathetic villain)
  • Novel ou Novella? (the difference (or not) between novels and novellas, and many other literary forms)
  • YA Vs MG (the difference (and gradations) between Middle Grades and Young Adult fiction)
  • Tribute to a Magical Realism Giant (a bit of biography following the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
  • Tribute to a Giant of Voice (a biography and personal aspirations following the death of Maya Angelou)
  • The New Narrative Mode (about how changing perspective in literature is NOT changing POV, how POV is NOT Voice, and how I coined a new term to enlighten us all)

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