Book Club Ideas

For only having led one or two book clubs in my life, I am pretty obsessed with providing lists for other people to have book clubs. These ideas seem to be doubling by the year, so I thought I would provide one list with links to all the book club idea blogs I have written (that I can remember, anyhow).

A Book Club Structured around The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry (slow-reading a novel with short stories)

A Book Club for Book Lovers Inspired by the book, Book Lovers

A Book Club Based on a New York Times Article About Authors and Their Favorite Poems (poems and books combined)

A Book Club to Read a Book a Week Through the Year

A Book Club Based on The Messy Lives of Book People

Book Clubs Based on Various Topics (Therapy for the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic; Things You Might Need in a Pandemic; For the New Year: A Better You; Social Issues; Modern Women Writers; World Voices; Classics; Popular Historical Fiction; Victorian Literature; Around the World; Through Time; Time Travel; and Magic Realism)

Best Books Lists That Could Easily Be Turned in to Book Clubs

Favorites and Recommended Reading That Could Also Easily Be Turned in to Book Clubs

A Book Club with Book and Movie Pairings

And this book club idea isn’t even mine. I found it at The Literary Maven: Book Club with Poetry and Song Pairings

Harper’s Bazaar “36 of Our Favorite Films Adapted from Books” (April 15, 2022)