The Life of a Writer in a Few Hundred Bulletted Words

Things I don’t particularly like about being a writer:

  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Talking to people, especially answering questions on the spot (Crotchety!)
  • Not getting paid for long periods of work
  • Tweeting
  • Distractions (from working at home)
  • Not being taken seriously
  • Self doubt
  • Snooty writers and snooty critics
  • Needing a GRE or 12 conferences in Hawaii
  • Editors, agents, and publishers (OK, not really, but I don’t like not being read)
  • Poor royalties for little to no representation
  • Longevity of each project
  • Discouragement
  • Being asked to write and edit everything (Does this really happen?)

Things I really like about being a writer:

  • Sudden spurts of creativity
  • Writing
  • Reading back over the stuff and realizing it’s not all bad, and far from it
  • Having people talk about characters like they are real people
  • Reading about writing, or just plain reading
  • The challenge
  • The adventure
  • Creating my own deadlines, job description, and projects
  • Doing what I’m clearly built to do
  • Design elements
  • Working at home, or wherever
  • People assuming I am as poor a writer as the next guy
  • Taking one step at a time until I realize how far I’ve come
  • Saying I’m a writer and making it be so
  • Ruminating on story/brain-storming
  • Having my daughter ask me to read my own stuff to her
  • Being sassy
  • Having a “cool” job
  • The smell of a new book

Things I could take or leave:

  • Blogging
  • Editing and keying
  • Computer stuff
  • Book readings
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • The community
  • Career day

Things I look forward to:

  • My first check
  • Making money doing what I love
  • Travel
  • Coming across a nice review or an admirirer
  • Re-meeting old friends
  • Financing my own career and my own projects
  • Legitimacy
  • Awards

Speaking of things I don’t like, I am often getting a (completely understandable) question: “What is your book about?” I only hate this because I am terrible at answering questions like that, and I often end my blundering by saying that’s why I WROTE the book, because I can’t TALK it. But let’s face it: I need a schtick if I want people to pick the darn thing up and read it. So let’s do this thing once and for all. By the time I blog next week, I will have a complete short and long version in answer to that question, which will also mean I have something I can use for online and book cover promotion. Sweet.

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