Month Recap: Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Don’t know if I will continue to let you know what I am reading and make it a tradition, but I thought I would start, anyhow. Here are the books I read in January:

9780143112723Benevolent, like 93 times, and also most of Webster’s New World College Dictionary (3rd edition, 1996), Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus (1992), and The Writer’s Digest Flip Dictionary (2000), plus Essentials of English (4th ed., 1990), The Elements of Style (illustrated, 2005), and Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer (2006). I could use to update my dictionary and also to replace Essentials with The Chicago Manual of Style. Otherwise, I love the book Writing Tools. I would recommend it for any writer, old or new to the field.

I finally finished Letting Go of Perfect, by Amy E. Spiegel. It had nothing to do with the book–that I was delayed in finishing–and everything to do with my having loaned it out. It’s okay, anyhow, because her writing is easily broken down into short thoughts and meditations. I could use to let go of perfect. How about you?

I have been trying to do a little self-published reading. I had a few titles on my shelf when I chose Winnemucca by reading blog reviews. I am going to avoid doing reviews of self-published books because I really don’t want to get in some sort of showdown, and I can point you to their reviews on Amazon and online. But I did read it.

513CaKukqaL._SL500_AA300_This was a real cookbook month for me, winding down from 12-hour editing sessions and coming off of the Christmas holiday. I read (and I do mean read) Bert Greene’s Kitchen: A Book of Memories and Recipes (1993); Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (1992); Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking (2012); and Authentic Mexican (2007). I have been collecting cookbook tomes for a few years (as opposed to just any ol’ cookbook), and three of these books were Christmas gifts aimed at that purpose. The fourth I couldn’t help snag at a used book store because I think Bert Greene is about the best cookbook author of all time. I am pleased with all four of them. Authentic Mexican is my least favorite, with the most convoluted recipes, the fewest recipes, and distractingly high-falutin’ language. As for me and my house, we will learn how to make a decent biscuit, and perhaps eggplant Parmesan on the way.

Genesis“, from The Bible, mostly NASB translation. Am still on Abram before he becomes Abraham.

51KMCTcCfiL._AA160_I hate to  mention Kickstarter, but last year I supported the author of Wollstencraft, a very promising girls’ series flawlessly illustrated and soon to be published. When you support someone on Kickstarter, you not only get the joy of helping fund something you believe in, you get updates from the artist as they progress with your money in hand. Jordan Stratford, the author, sent an update recently in which he offered his steampunk novel, Mechanicals, for free. By a fluke of one-click technology I ended up paying $2.99 for it, but that is what I am reading right now. That, and other things, but you’ll have to wait until next month to hear about those…

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