Holiday: What to Do Tonight

To officially launch my blog, I would like to do an ode to the day, an ode to Halloween. Because, honestly, I like Halloween. I’m not big on witches and ghouls and evil in general, but I can’t help it: I LOVE dressing up and play-acting. I also love the cool weather, apples and pumpkins, home-making candy, roasting seeds, and walking around the neighborhood in the dark. And Harry Potter. And The Nightmare Before Christmas. Which brings us to it.

Serve up the Butterbeer and get those Pizza Rolls warming, because here is my reading and viewing recommendations for after (or during)  the tricks or treats:

The Nightmare Before Christmas (movie). Perfect for the day after Halloween, sandwiched right between the holidays that it features. It might even get you in the mood for Christmas. Not really recommended for small kids, but I really enjoy Tim Burton’s endless imagination and slightly creepy vibe. You could also go with Coraline or The Corpse Bride.

Cloverfield (movie). You want a real scary movie? I don’t do them. But between M. Night Shyamalan and J.J. Abrams, I can get the willies without them.

Frankenstein (book). Classic. Not the movie, the book. Reading this for the first time as an adult, I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a quick read for the time period, and it’s pretty darn meaningful besides.

The Ghost Eye Tree (book). That would be for the kids. It’s a picture book.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. For all of us. This is one of my favorites, probably because of the nostalgia, but that’s how the world turns, right?

The Witches (book). Roald Dahl. I know I said I didn’t do witches, but I am a Dahl fan. Too scary for my fantasy-oriented kids.

Donnie Darko (movie).  Creepy AND about Halloween. And about time travel. And starring the Gyllenhaals. How can you go wrong?

Harry Potter and... (book series). True, Harry takes place year-round, for seven years. Even so, those Hogwarts people sure know how to throw a Halloween Bash (or a Deathday Party, either one). In fact, Harry Potter parties make great Halloween theme parties, but that blog entry was for another blog, another day.


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