The Book Review Directory

***BLOG UPDATE: As of July 28, 2015, I am no longer on this directory because I do not take review suggestions. It is still a great place to go looking for reviewers, however.***

I have no recollection how I came across The Book Review Directory a couple months ago. It might have been while looking for readers to review my new novel, or it might have been someone approaching me through The Starving Artist. Either way, I like this website. Over time, I have come across a few other websites meant as a directory for book bloggers (which yes, we writers and publishers are often looking for), but those have tended to be large and largely unmonitored (with many broken links; I still use them, of course). Since The Book Review Directory is new, it is much smaller (which is not really a good thing) but also has no broken links and requires the reviewer’s site to be approved first.

BOOK REVIEW DIRECTORYThe Starving Artist is now on The Book Review Directory. The order of reviewer appearance is by when you submitted to be on the list, so as of now I am near the end of all the categories into which I fit, but will eventually rise closer to the top. Also, I am included not because I am looking for books to review (I don’t take suggestions), but because I have plenty of suggestions for other readers.

Check out The Book Review Directory here if you are interested in finding review or reviewers.

If you are interested in checking out some other review websites, here is a short list:

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