Celebrating My Writing Group Friends

Every writer should have a writing group. I say this, but surely there can’t be a writing group with like-talented writers for every writer in every community. So I guess what I mean is, I am thankful for my writing group. A small group (capped at six since its founding) that is joined by invite only, I was lucky enough to get an invite when a writer moved out of town. It’s been a struggle to meet on a regular basis, especially during the Pandemic, but life is busy, y’all. When we do get together, we will go over someone’s short story (or two someone’s short stories) which we have previously read. We also each share what we have been reading and what we have been writing and, of course, any exciting news. We also share news and events via email, in between times.

Recently, one of my friends/writing comrades was published in a magazine and when I went to read the story online, I ended up reminding myself of some of her other publications. Which reminded me of other publications by my other friends. Which led me to wanting to drop a little, nepotistic blog post here. This is where you can find my current writing group friends’ writing and I recommend that you do. (This is not everything they’ve had published. It was kind of difficult to find what they have had published and where, actually, except for Justin who toots his own horn, like me. It’s only a sampling from each of them.)

Anita’s nonfiction story, “Inventory of Your Things as I Empty Your House” is the one that was just picked up by The Cincinnati Review. It is a beautiful and thoughtful piece. It is linked below.

Anita Wright Collins:

Theresa Dowell Blackinton

Thomas Wolf (not to be confused with Tom Wolfe or Thomas Wolfe)

  • The Plea, 2022 (true crime with his wife)
  • The Called Shot, 2020 (historic baseball book)
  • Midnight Assassin, 2007 (true crime with his wife)
  • “Boundaries,” Doris Betts Fiction Prize in North Carolina Literary Review (2012)
  • “Distance,” Doris Betts Fiction Prize in North Carolina Literary Review (2007)

Justin Meckes


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