Where in the World is the Starving Artist?

I really didn’t think that I would go three weeks without posting a blog post, not any time during this (pandemic) season, anyhow. Alas I did go almost three weeks without posting or even maintaining the blog. What can I say? I was sick. Did I have the Covid? I do not know. I think—by the symptoms—it might have been a bad cold, though I was sick enough to spend a week pretty much in bed and then several more days recovering. I did have a low-grade fever. My school-faring nephew almost certainly gave it to me and my children were both sick and breezed through it. Even though I have asthma, I did not have respiratory issues. “They” advised me not to go get tested unless I couldn’t breathe or had a high fever. I guess we’ll never know.

Where did I disappear after the week/week-and-a-half of staring blankly at Rachael Ray (of all people! I usually don’t watch her. Perhaps this is a symptom we are overlooking.)? To the place where all house-keeping mothers go after they have been sick: buried underneath the pile of dirty laundry, house chores, work, and to-dos that accumulated while you were out of commission. At least my kids manage the dishes and some of the chores at this point, but I also had the blog backing up, a home school class to prep for and teach, a child to be homeschooled… not to mention work: writing and submissions and editing, oh my!

After I was back up to functioning level, which happened slowly and in fits and starts (and was interrupted by a nasty reaction to the flu shot (oh, bother!)) I spent weekend number one checking off the tardy things on my to-do list and continuing to rest (oh, and washing all the linens in sight). I spent weekend number two cleaning the house from top to bottom and batch-cooking. My thought is that this weekend, number three, I can catch up on home school, teaching, and work. That might be too much to ask, but home school is now progressing a little every day, anyway. Or maybe not. I feel like I’m treading water but at least I’m doing it in a clean house.

There really is no point to sharing all this, except that it’s my blog and I thought I might explain myself to someone. I was going to dive right into my review of Amal Unbound but then I was on my third paragraph and I thought, This isn’t much of a review. I’ll review Amal this weekend or, goody-goody, maybe even before. I do have a few books to share with you, though my pace slackened to a full stop during those hours I was slack-jawed, snuggled down in my bed, planning batch cooking with Rachael Ray, my new, totally obnoxious and misunderstood buddy.

One thought on “Where in the World is the Starving Artist?

  1. Ahh, Dev, sorry you were feeling so punk! Take things slow getting back to “normal” or you could trigger a relapse, heaven forbid!

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