Helping Orphans in China

032_DSC_0585Announcement time! My daughter and I are headed to China!

As you probably know, I very rarely solicit my bloggers. Like when I publish a novel (which is rarely). And when I go on some major humanitarian adventure. This post falls into the latter category.

There is a woman from our church who has been in China for eighteen years, helping orphans there. For many years now, Maria has opened her home to orphans with special needs. Some of those children have gone on to be adopted by loving families, and some of them are still in her care. She has decided to adopt one lucky boy, and has to return to the United States to finalize the adoption. Due to his disabilities, she requires assistance on the transportation back home to China. This is where we will start off helping her. Once there, Windsor and I will be cooking, cleaning, organizing, taking care of the babies… basically whatever Maria asks and whatever will bless her and the kids.


You can help, of course. You can support us financially. You can also just opt in to hear from us about our pre-China and China adventures.

If you want to donate to the trip, we have a couple GoFundMe pages, one for each of us. Please click HERE to give there. Or HERE for Windsor.

If you want to be added to our email communications, via our blog, please sign up at Flahertys in ChinaFlahertys in China.

Thanks so much for sharing in our joy and excitement!

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