New Journal Series

MULDOVER LOGOThe last two months have seen as many publications from my indie publishing company, Owl and Zebra Press’s imprint, Muldover Books. While finishing up on a reprint project (which you’ll hear about next month), I decided to take a little flu-recovery-time to jump on a couple “quick” projects that I knew I could handle while living with family in the middle of a big move. I am very proud of the result.

These two journals–preceding a third journal later in the year–come from the heart. Sure, anyone can publish a journal, but I chose these three journals because I had found a hole in the mountains of journals that are already on the shelves. These two journals (and the future The Beginner’s Journal) are journals that I needed, and couldn’t find.

LIST JOURNAL COVER ONLYThe List Journal is exactly what it sounds like. Sure, there are a few other list books that are currently popular, but none of them have a simple, daily journal format. I love making lists, and this journal is a way for those of us who love making lists to use that passion to explore and transcribe. Some of the lists are straight-forward (To Do, Bucket List), and others are more imaginative (Uses for Spoons, Superpowers). All of them allow a lot of space for interpretation and even a spot for free-styling it.

FEELINGS JOURNAL COVER ONLY JPEGThe Feelings Journal is the next journal that I will be using. I know what it’s like to have lost touch with one’s feelings, and also what it’s like not to even realize it for awhile. When I finally noticed that I had a hard time naming basic feelings at the end of the day, I looked for a journal that could help me. Nope. So, for those of you who are right there: here it is! It follows a simple format, helping you to identify what you feel about what happened that day, plus sometimes how you feel about something that happened in your past. Also, every third entry explores a specific emotion. Complete with a brainstorming list of emotions and spots for doodling or taping, this is my–and your–perfect journal.

Think you could use a little of that? Check them out, already for sale on Amazon, but soon at other venues, like Barnes & Noble, Diesel, or your local bookstore.


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