Book Review: Replay


My husband wanted me to read this. And since I have long joked that once I recommend something to him it’ll never get read… well… somehow that meant I had to read what he recommended. I doubt that drive comes from a healthy place. Even so, my husband, who knows and loves me, thought that there was something here for me (besides time travel, which is all he needs to pick up a book or movie or show or article or podcast, etc.).

There were a lot of thighs. If I was a thigh guy, I would have to give this a re-read. Like seriously a lot of thighs.

What else? It was intriguing. Often, a book comes to me partly because it resembles what I write, or a project I am currently working on. I have a book–which is mostly in notes–that approaches time travel from a supernatural perspective. Its working title is The Marvelous Life of Mary McG, and it is probably why this one get passed along. Being that I would write a book about time travel without a tremendous amount of science, I did find the book interesting. In fact, I lapped it up. Which sometimes happens because a book is so light that it goes down too smooth. There was some of that here, but also you just wanted to know more.

In the end, it didn’t deliver. I don’t want to give things away, but the author decided to leave the explanations sit while he wrapped up the personal bits. This could have worked, but it didn’t. The personal bits didn’t feel wrapped up enough, and there were too many questions that were posed and never answered. While there were twists galore, there was no big climax at the end. So, disappointing and flat.

Still, it was fun to go with the main character on his journey. Jeff Winston is dying. He can feel it in his chest. But when he wakes up and it’s twenty-five years earlier and he’s twenty-five years younger, he doesn’t know what to think. The reader gets to cycle with Winston through a series of pasts, and the best part is seeing what he would do differently (especially as his own emotions and maturity change).

A fun romp–over and over again–through the 1960s. Also fun because the author was only able to stop at the 1980s, where we can see a lot further. Does border on the pain of Groundhog Day, but not fatally. Also, sometimes gets lost or meanders.

If you eat up science fiction and time travel books–and don’t have the highest of standards–then you’ll probably find this entertaining. The writing is mostly unobtrusive. The sex is geared more toward the masculine. And you’ll just fly right through it.

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