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IMG_20131204_105641Holiday Season: Benevolent is available from several vendors for your holiday gift-buying. See the Books => Buy Books tabs above for all your options, ranging from the $4.99 e-book to the $13.00-$15.00 paperback. Merry Christmas!

November 7, 2013. Benevolent is listed with US Book News, for the next several months. Good news is, if someone happens to find their way there, it is listed second.

September 5, 2013. Officially announce that I am working on a Benevolent spin-off novella, titled Night of One Hundred Thieves. More information forthcoming on the Benevolent website.

September 1, 2013. I randomly win a contest I did not know I entered, for a Readers’ Favorite Author Service of an E-Query, normally priced at $100. Looks like The Family Elephant’s Jewels will get a little extra professional help.

August 18, 2013. Owl and Zebra Press gets its first real snail mail at its PO Box, which also happens to be the certificate from the Library of Congress, letting us know that Benevolent (including the art and editing) are officially copyrighted and on file at the Library (with a big L).

August, 2013. Benevolent gets a gushing four-star review and becomes Indie Reader Approved. They even have a virtual sticker for it.

July, 2013. Benevolent takes an honorable mention in general fiction with the Hollywood Book Festival. Like reading books that make a great film? Try Benevolent.

June 17, 2013. Benevolent wins another award, this time with the Beach Book Festival (honorable mention, general fiction) out of California. Grab your summer copy before heading to the beach!

May 29, 2013. Benevolent is now available at the Durham County Library! The whole process makes me want to call around to more libraries in North Carolina and Michigan. So, once they are in stock, borrow your copy and make sure to rate it (positively) online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc.)

May 26, 2013. Benevolent receives a Five Star rating from Readers’ Favorite, along with two other glowing reviews. The book ad will be cycled on the website for the next four months.

May 20, 2013. The Starving Artist launches a monthly E-Newsletter. Everything writing, publishing, books, and Devon Trevarrow Flaherty. Sign up here.

May 4, 2013. Benevolent wins an award with the Paris Book Festival (honorable mention, general fiction)! It is now an award-winning book and Devon is now an award-winning novelist.

April 27, 2013. A five out of five coffee cups review from The Coffee Pot. Thanks, Tracy!

April 5, 2013. This marks the official day in history when reviews started to make their way from unbiased parties. Erin, a reader on GoodReads and Amazon, gave Benevolent five out of five stars and Tien Taylor, a blogger with The Book Guru had nice things to say.

April 3, 2013. The upcoming reading at The Regulator Bookshop (April 8) is featured in Indy Week (aka. The Independent, online and in print) as a Recommended Event and a Pick of the Week. Totally cool.

March 19, 2013. Benevolent is now available from Barnes & Noble! While you might not see any copies displayed in the store, you can purchase them online or order your copy in the store or even to the store (there and at B. Dalton and Waldenbooks)! Simultaneously, we are approved for Smashwords Premium status, which means Benevolent will also be (in the next few weeks) available as an e-book from Barnes & Nobel, Sony, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Apple, Page Foundry, Diesel, and more. Yee-haw!

March 18, 2013. Launch day. See the Information=>Events tab for lots more info.

March 17, 2013. Benevolent headlines the D-section (Books & More) in the Herald Sun. Awesome.

March 12, 2013. Are you ready for the launch? You will be after you check out all the scheduled events and giveaways under the Info=>Events tab.

March 6, 2013. THE BOOK LAUNCH IS COMING! You can get your copy from Amazon on

March 18th, OR you can buy one when you come to my book signing at The Regulator on

April 8th (or you can just show up to give me support). VIRTUAL LAUNCH WILL BE ON THE 18TH, too, and blog tour will start then. Check out my websites/Facebook on that day.

February 14, 2013. Announcing an early e-publication! Benevolent is available in Kindle edition at Amazon, and in other formats (like Nook) from Smashwords. Live now! And if you are waiting for the paperback version (I am!), we are anxiously awaiting our proof and are on track for our March release; so just a few more weeks…

February 8, 2013. Author and Benevolent are listed officially on GoodReads! Check it out and mark it “to-read.”

January 9, 2013. Editing becomes a full time job on top of my full-on life. That, and keying and coding. That, and downloading cover formatting software. That, and sending permissions letters to Belinda Carlisle. That, and.

January 5, 2013. A couple of the first readers’ edits actually get back on time. See Benevolent Reviews page for some of the early comments.

December 17, 2012. Last re-write of Benevolent is complete and copies of the 348-page manuscript go out to all eight First Readers. Their deadline is January 5th.

October 2012. The Starving Artist goes online early in the month, but really goes public on the 31st. Thanks for visiting!

October 2012. Benevolent, Devon’s first novel, is currently in editing and marketing and will be released by Owl and Zebra Press early in 2013. Follow the News link or the Sticky Posts at The Starving Artist for more updates.