Review Policy

I do not accept suggestions or pitches for book reviews. If you happen to send me a free book, I can not guarantee that I will read it and I almost certainly will not review it. The book reviews on this website are based on a personal spreadsheet of a combination of several lists of “best” books, from the New York Times to Publishers Weekly to YA, religious, philosophical, and influential lists. The list is around 1000 books long and I do not anticipate getting past my TBR for several years.

I purchase or borrow from the library all books that I review. I do not receive monetary compensation for writing a review. I am honest to my own opinions at a given time in my life.

I don’t generally read e-books, and I definitely do not review self-published books, just because I would feel a conflict of interests, and don’t want to get in a reviews war with someone.

Feel free to contact me under the Contact tab in the above menu.

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