Monthly Recaps

For most months, I have managed a synopsis of what has happened that month, regarding any and all topics this blog covers: the writing life, self-publishing, my books, literature, and books and similar media.


  • January (Writing resources, Letting Go of Perfect, and some cookbooks)
  • March (Ugly Betty, Bernie, Rise of the Guardians, and publication of Benevolent)
  • April (My first pay check, Ugly Betty (again), The Croods, Les Miserables (2012), and Ana Karenina (2012))
  • May (A TV and movie month, with reviews for The Office, Clueless, Downton Abbey, Life of Pi, Hunky Dory, The Supersizers Go, and Percy Jackson)
  • June (Posted all the way from Eastern Europe (or was it!?), some pretty positive TV and movie reviews, including plugs for Amazing Grace, Looper, and Monsters University)
  • July (Some random summer entertainment, including in-flight movies… The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Admission, The Guilt Trip, and the humanitarian photo book Ladli. Oh, and also the new band Lowland Hum.)
  • August (Lots of happy (if not extremely impressive) news and just a few visual reviews: Pacific Rim, Naked and Afraid, Sherlock)
  • September (a little chat about e-books, then Lindsay Eland, Fringe, Dead Again, Now You See Me, and Mister Magorium)
  • October (movies from Phineas and Ferb to Mansfield Park to Anne of Green Gables to A Monster in Paris)
  • November (some Fringe closure and Frozen, and a recap of NaNoWriMo and career funding)
  • December (holiday blow-out: the new Hobbit installment, Battlestar Galactica, Billy Elliot, Grease, and Beaches, as well as some more holiday flicks and even favorite gifts and books)


  • January (HP movie marathon, writing of an Owl and Zebra Press production timeline, and movies: Frances Ha, The Truman Show, Robot and Frank, About a Boy, The Invention of Lying, and Bridge to Terabithia)
  • February (An actor dies and I attend a reading. I also enter the ABNA contest and read My Teacher is an Alien and Boy.)

*The monthly recaps have been suspended. They were not well-read and actually, they were getting kind of boring.

And then they were picked back up, largely so I could keep track of the movies and shows that I had watched.



  • January

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